eTelic Inc. announced getting a step closer to the vision of its Turanto platform, by delivering yet another significant milestone with its Turanto product. The Turanto Approach to Software Development Enhances Quality, Reduces Time and Cost of Applications: By leveraging rapid prototyping tool (Turanto), eTelic Inc. is able to deliver significant application development savings to the customers, quicker.

Turanto Gets a Step Closer to Its Vision with Another Milestone Release

eTelic Inc. announced a new release of its Turanto rapid prototyping platform with significant new capabilities along with a recommended proven methodology.

Most application process usually starts with Business Process Mapping and Discovery. “More often than not, 70% breakdowns get addressed even without writing code!” However, the Turanto platform delivers the most for the remaining 30%.

Turanto enables Instant Prototype & Visualization, and it now also enables Android based visualization. By enabling people to instantly visualize their requirements, screens, data lists or detailed data it now provides a more active engagement and more complete requirements discovery, including for mobile applications. “It is like watching an artist at work. You are mesmerized, engaged, and want to see the artwork complete.”

Turanto also received updates to its documentation process. It now generates complete requirements documents from the prototyping exercise, but in MS Word format. This now allows analysts to update documents with ease, eliminating writer’s block and extending standards to documents as well.

This release of Turanto also updates the standardized code base and fixes some of the longer standing known issues. More importantly, it adds graphing and dashboard capabilities, that allows better visualization of data now, along with the lists and screens.

However, no amount of predictive programming through tools is adequate. All good projects require a strong analytical team. Turanto simply enables them to deliver more.

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